Benefits of Trimming, Topping and Pruning

Benefits of Trimming, Topping and Pruning

  1.  Increasing the value of your home and property. Beautiful shaped tree’s makes the property worth that much more.
  2. Cutting lower limbs and/or thinning the interior of the tree allows sunlight to penetrate and helps grass under the tree grow
  3. Improves the overall aesthetics of your property
  4. Makes your trees healthier and stronger by getting rid of dead and damaged branches
  5. Increases the air flow in the tree which decreases the number of  insects

Tree Trimming:

Trees are absolutely beautiful!  When trees are cared for they are attractive and they add a considerable amount of value to your property, while poorly maintained trees can become a significant liability. When the branches obstruct the view, become entwined with electrical wires, interfere with the satellite reception, rubbing up against the house or a building. Branches blocking sunlight and causing grass to die. This is why trimming is necessary and to help keep the shape and looking beautiful! Trimming also helps the tree to grow stronger so they can handle higher winds better in a big storm and not to mention if we were hit by a hurricane. I’m NOT one of those tree service that pray upon a hurricane to hit us here in Volusia County. We all suffered here in 2004 with a couple hits, one after another.  Lots of us with no power for 4 to 9 days, some even more. I’m a home & property owner and I understand. I PRAY we never have to go through that again! All I can say is Thank goodness we have a pool, because we have well water and when you have NO Power, you have No Water either. This is when we needed a nice big generator. I have 6 1/2acres and we still lost 2 tree’s. It happens no matter how well you keep up with them. That’s mother nature, depending on that wind whipping around, twisting the tree to its max.

Whether you are a owner of an residential or commercial property, Davis tree service will safely and efficiently get the job done. Never waste your hard earned money on an amateur tree service company who can make matters worse! Instead, work with our company who have proven our worth in our Volusia County community. We are proud of our tradition of quality service and we promise to strive to provide superior service, protection, and care at a fair price, Guaranteed.

Pruning – Trees need to be maintained or they can become a danger. Old wounds can become weak points on the tree. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls and causes damage to property or falls on someone. Trees that have grown close to a house can cause potential problems with the roof, gutters, and windows. Pruning and Trimming involves the removal of branches or stems from the trees. You can prune to shape or thin out a tree. Deadwood and diseased limbs are always pruned. Crossing limbs that interfere with each other may need to be pruned, this way your thinning out the tree to avoid potential storm damage. This way it improves the health and aesthetic appeal of your tree. Your tree becomes more beautiful and stronger!


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